Governments know our civilisations are collapsing!

Some have vision and courage | Some cling to the past
Where do you stand ?

The Project

“…the majority of the population are happy to gamble on total extinction?” – Simon Oceandis

Our greatest minds fear for our future, but don’t know how to bring us together in time to change course. The Socrates Project and the sicads are their solution, a positive conspiracy for the good of humanity… for the good of all life.

The Sicads – Our last hope?

“The only thing I know is that I know nothing…” – Socrates

Secretly mandated by the United Nations, the sicads blend ancient wisdom, virtue and modern science. Planted amongst us, these gifted beings must work out how to save our civilisations whilst battling forces hostile to their existence.

The Better World Trust

“Dominos, nos in servitutem redigerent, sed Cibabis nos…Masters, enslave us, but feed us”

Politicians change, political systems change. Secretly vetting our leaders since the 14th century, the Better Word Trust rests in the shadows. They see the Socrates Project and the sicads as a threat…

Live the story…

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The Socrates Project

by Daron Sheehan

The Socrates Project is a masterpiece of storytelling that is at very least a gripping tale of adventure and at most can be the catalyst for real thought and change in our world.Mark Beaumont

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Is it happening? Could it happen? Should it happen?

Mark Shand

Leading conservationist Mark Shand uncovered as being involved in the Socrates Project. Mark reveals links between sicads and elephants in plot to save human civilisations.

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Jonathon Porritt

Leading UK environmentalist talks about government links to Socrates Project. Jonathon believes sicads can achieve great things and assures us all will soon be revealed.

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Max Chaya

Famous middle-eastern Grand-slam explorer is rumoured to be a sicad. Secret footage identifies suspicious behaviour. Is Max Chaya a sicad?

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Mark Beaumont

Recording-breaking adventurer and broadcaster Mark Beaumont is surprised to be confronted about his involvement in the Socrates Project. Is Mark Beaumont a sicad?

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UN MemoUN Memo

What if one man wanted to bring governments together to address looming problems threatening all nations that required global solutions?…

Excert from the United Nations Memo
“Each individual State has the responsibility to protect its populations from genocide, war crimes, ethnic cleansing and crimes against humanity [...] We accept that responsibility and will act in accordance with it”.

Read the UN Memo that triggered the project.

United Nation Report

An International ProjectAn International Project

The Socrates Project blends fiction and reality to tell a gripping story of good against evil that concerns every citizen from every country around the globe.

“Have you every imagined that the world is really going to end, that the climate is really deteriorating so terribly that the end of the world is in sight? Then you might want to read a book that is telling us how we are going to solve this…That book is The Socrates Project. Read it!”

Watch the full interview with publisher Gert Jan.

Three publishers have come together to launch the book in English, French and Dutch, with many more languages to follow. This is a literary first, reflecting the international scope and appeal of the novel.

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Buy your copy at Amazon

Nautilus Media

Headed up by a former publisher James Green, Nautilus Media has brought together an international syndicate of publishers and supporters to launch its first novel The Socrates Project.

Nautilus is using traditional and innovative digital publishing and promotional techniques to bring The Socrates Project to a worldwide audience in a range of formats and languages.

A publisher can count themselves lucky if they come across one book in their lifetime that can truly be said to have changed society… I invite you to read the Socrates Project and I guarantee it will change the way you view the world.James Green

Find out more about Nautilus.

Gibbon Logo

Gibbon Publishing is an innovative and high-tech publishing company, created in response to a rapidly-changing industry. Gibbon believes in quality, enthusiasm, innovation, commitment and reliability and they see a bright future for electronic publishing. They look for passionate authors who are leaders in their field and those that can speak publicly and hold the attention of an audience. As well as being an experienced publisher, co-founder Gert Jan de Vries is a leading literary critic and was quick to spot the potential for The Socrates Project to have the same widespread appeal as a book like the Da Vinci Code, a book Gert Jan was first to endorse in the Netherlands. Find out more about Gibbon.

Find out more about Gibbon and Het Socrates Project.


In constant search of creative alchemy, Tamyras, based in Paris and Beirut, refuses to travel well-trodden paths. As a result, they have an impressive collection of innovative books and talented authors.

The Socrates Project was written in English and French. Tamyras fell in love with Le Projet Socrate and perfectionists by nature, they worked hard to perfect the novel.

Find out more about Tamyras and Le Projet Socrate.

Daron Sheahan - Author

The AuthorThe Author

Daron Sheehan, the Author, escaped from a successful career in finance for three years to participate in a number of adventure expeditions, educational and charitable ventures.

Sharing the pains and passions of an incredible mix of inspirational characters from around the world, The Socrates Project was the result of these life-changing meetings and adventures.

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CAMEOS, an environmental charity supported by celebrities, is an idea conceived in The Socrates Project, which early readers would like to bring into reality.

We are inviting readers to identify CAMEOS-type causes relevant to them. Once we have twelve credible ideas, Nautilus Media pledges to launch the website ( and ensure twenty five percent of all profits from The Socrates Project are applied to CAMEOS causes.

Find out more about our campaign to bring Cameos to life.